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We love your plants too!

The Derksen Greenhouse is perfect solution for plant lovers! With an automatic vented window, ample storage and workspace for your supplies, hanging racks for your plants, and industrial grade polycarbonate roof sheeting, your plants will thrive all year long.

Give your plants the love they deserve with our Greenhouse model.

  • Industrial grade clear Polycarbonate roof and upper wall panels.

  • LP SmartSide 50 year lower siding.

  • 36" entry door with functional 2x3 window with screen.

  • Three sided workbench.

  • Hanging rack

  • Automatic vent window for humidity regulation.  Solar power fan upgrade available.

  • All treated lumber includes a Lifetime warranty against fungal rot and decay. 

  • 2x6 Floor joists with treated wood decking flooring.

  • Built on two pressure treated notched skids.  

Add our Solar Vent Fan to your Derksen Greenhouse fot the ultimate climate control.


your Backyard retreat!

Transform your backyard, lakefront or park area into a luxurious oasis with our Cabanas. Our all-weather treated lumber and solid floor ensure years of enjoyment, while the built-in seating benches provide the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Upgrade your outdoor space with our Cabanas today!