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Beautiful white ship lap siding garden shed in a peaceful manicured backyard setting.

Custom Options

At Angus Portable Buildings, we offer custom building options to help you create the perfect building for your needs.

Whether you need a single window or a full electric package, we have a range of custom options to choose from.

Contact us for a custom quote and let us help you bring your vision to life!

Use our online 3D Storage Shed Design App to create your perfect building and request a quote on your new shed or cabin.

Custom Design Your Building

Our online 3D design app lets you create your own building, customize your options and visualize your building in your space!  Choose from a variety of storage shed and cabin models, play with shed colors, add windows, electrical, spray insulation and more!  Once you are happy with your design email the link to save it and request a price review and order your building!


Looking for ways to brighten up your storage shed, garage, workshop, cabin, or any other space? Our window options are the perfect solution! With a variety of styles to choose from, you can let in natural light and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Standard Windows
(single pane)

Sketch diagram of various standard window options for our storage sheds and cabins.
  1. 2' x 3' Window

  2. 3' x 3' Window

  3. 14" x 21" Playhouse Window

  4. Octagon Window

  5. Vertical Transom Window

  6. Horizontal Transom Window

  7. Double Transom Window

       Triple Transom Window

       Quad Transom Window

Sketch diagram of various thermopane insulated window options for our storage sheds and cabins.

Thermopane Insulated Windows
(double pane)

8. 2' x 3' Insulated Window

9. 3' x 3' Insulated Window

10. 2' x 5' Insulated Window

11. 3' x 5' Insulated Window

12. Octagon Insulated Window

13. Vertical Transom Insulated Window

14. Horizontal Transom Insulated Window

15. Double, Triple and Quad Transom Insulated Windows


Discover the perfect doors for your portable building. From sturdy and secure to stylish and practical, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Find the right door for your space and enjoy easy access every time.

Shop Built Doors

Sketch diagram of various shop door options for our storage sheds and cabins.
  1. Single Shop Door (36" or 48")

  2. Double Shop Door (two 36" Doors - 72" wide opening)

  3. Single Shop Door with Transom Window

  4. Double Shop Door with Transom Windows

Entry Style Doors
(pre-hung, inswing or outswing) 

Sketch diagram of various entry style door options for our storage sheds and cabins.

5. 36" Solid Entry Door

6. 36" 4-Lite Entry Door

7. 36" 9-Lite Entry Door

8. 36" 11-Lite Entry Door

Roll Up and Ramp Doors

Sketch diagram of various roll up and ramp door options for our storage sheds and cabins.

9. 5' Wide Roll Up Door

10. 6' Wide Roll Up Door

11. 9' Wide Roll Up Door

12. 6' Tall Ramp Door

13. 7' Tall Ramp Door