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lofted barns

Lofted Barn

Our Lofted Barn Storage Sheds are versatile and practical solution for all your storage needs. These sheds feature two upper lofts that provide ample storage space for items that are not frequently used, while keeping the floor space open. With a wide range of sizes available, up to 16'x50', you can customize your shed with endless options to suit your specific needs. 

  • Two Lofts: one on each end.  Loft depth varies with building size.

  • 8' wide buildings include one 48" wide shop door.

  • 10' and wider buildings include one double 72" wide shop door. 

  • 6'6" (75" studs) wall height.  Wall height upgrade available.

  • All treated lumber includes a Lifetime warranty against fungal rot and decay. 

  • 10' and wider buildings include 2x6 floor joists.  8' wide and all horizontal metal buildings include 2x4 floor joists.

  • 8' and 10' wide buildings are built on two pressure treated notched skids.  12' and wider buildings are built on four pressure treated notched skids. 

  • 16" on center wall studs with double top plates.

Click Here to view our custom shed and cabin building options.

Standard features apply to both the Lofted and Side Lofted model.  

The difference between the Lofted  and Side Lofted model is the location of door.  The Lofted model will have a door on the shorter end wall.  The Side Lofted model will have a door on the long side of the building.


Photo of a beautiful Texas sky with a Lofted Barn Shed being delivered on a truck.  Enjoy free delivery within 50 miles for off lot buildings.

We Offer

Vector image showing an example of our free shed and cabin delivery and set up.

Enjoy FREE delivery and set up for any building off our lot within 50 miles.  Or take advantage of FREE delivery and set up on our custom ordered buildings!

We also offer on-site building for locations where delivery is not an option.

Click here to learn about our No Credit Rent to Own shed and cabin payment plans.

Looking for an affordable way to get your building now? Our rent-to-own program is designed to offer you just that. With no credit check required and no penalty for early payoff, you can make monthly payments and own your building when the term is complete. 

Vector image showing classic Made In Texas sign to exemplify that all of our building products are made locally here in Texas.

Our Derksen buildings are built Texas Tough!

 With 11 build shops located in Texas, we take pride in our efficient production, prompt delivery, and support for the local economy. Our buildings are built to last and withstand the toughest of conditions.

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